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Financial Security: Our main goals are strength and security for our clients. Trade confidently with a guide you can fully rely on.

Successful Market Strategies: We offer individualized and tested strategies so you can succeed in a fierce business world.

Pay Later: Pay only when your session is finished. Our pricing is fully transparent and competitive, and you’re welcome to compare options.  We’ll probably save you money, and earn you peace of mind.

Quick FAQ

We can help you.

Whether you are a brand new participant in the crypto market or are looking to augment your business, we can kickstart your journey with our professional services and advice.

What does Argent Crypto do?

Argent Crypto is a financial and blockchain services advising firm. We facilitate the adoption of distributed ledger technologies and cryptocurrencies as solutions to modern challenges and sources of wealth generation. We guide, advise, and implement – meaning that we can help you invest in the market if you’re completely new to crypto, or provide resources to your project development team if you’re a business that is creating.

Are there risks to investing in cryptocurrencies?

Like any investment instrument, there is always a degree of risk. Additionally, factors such as online security, limited insurance, volatility, and fluctuating regulations that are unique characteristics to crypto that add additional risk considerations that newcomers can find daunting – that’s why we’re here.

Are cryptocurrencies legal? Are they legal in Canada?

Yes. There are no legal restrictions to buying, trading, selling, or using cryptocurrencies.

If you move greater than $10,000 CAD in individual transactions, you may be subject to FINTRAC compliance requirements.

Will you help me invest in tokens and ICOs?

Argent Crypto will work with you on a personalized basis to develop an action plan that suits your goals. While we cannot manage your funds directly, we can advise on projects such as Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).

What does it mean to invest in cryptocurrencies?

Buying and trading cryptocurrencies is very similar to foreign exchange trading (known as FOREX). Investors purchase cryptocurrency tokens, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, using their national currency (like Canadian dollars), and in exchange, they receive an equal sum in the chosen cryptocurrency. Unlike stocks or bonds, cryptocurrencies are generally fungible, meaning you can use them to purchase goods and services without having to sell them again. In addition, cryptocurrencies can be “held” directly in a digital wallet that only you control, contrasting traditional stocks where they would be held by a third party in a brokerage account.

Do I have to pay taxes on cryptocurrency investments?

Yes. While the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) has not provided specialized policy governing cryptocurrency, any divestment (buying, selling, or trading) is considered a taxable event. For peace of mind, Argent Crypto has several professional partnerships with tax firms that specialize in cryptocurrencies to provide detailed guidance.

I have a blockchain project. Can you help?

Give us a call.  We love hearing what others are working on, and if we can’t help directly, we do work with a number of local firms that may be able to be of use to your project.   Check out our Blockchain Services.

Roadmap to success

Our process looks like this.

We work with you to understand your objective, and then create an action plan to help you achieve it. Using our knowledge of the Canadian and global cryptocurrency markets, we’ll optimize the plan based on your main priorities.


Meet and Introduction

Week 1

Action Plan Review & Kickoff

Week 2

Exchange Verification Complete

Week 3


Week 4

Purchasing and Review

Education & Assistance when needed

Future Transactions

Year 1

Portfolio Review & Taxes