Decentralize. Secure. Transact.

Build with Blockchain.

What are you planning?  Whether it’s an internal business process optimization, supply chain traceability project, or any of a myriad of other applications – we work with you to ensure your business realizes blockchain’s promise. Our diverse team can assist with any and all aspects of blockchain technology implementation, and approach every engagement as a collaboration.

Realize Value.

Outcome Oriented Consulting.

Your success is our success. At Argent Crypto, we practice outcome-oriented engagements where the collaborative process is encouraged, and our goals jointly aligned. We believe in partnerships and value creation; not service levels and transaction-based agreements.

We can lend a hand on your project whether you need developers, project managers or scrummasters, architects, or just advisors.

Business Process

Modernize internal process by seamlessly linking back-office processes with reporting compliance.
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Unlock and explore new avenues for capital and utility generation.
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Modernize supply chains and logistics for both you and your partners.
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Secure, Decentralized Data

Streamline and secure your business processes with permissioned, decentralized and scaled data access.

History in the making

Blockchain Adoption Timeline.

Understanding where blockchain came from sheds light on where it is going and how it can help your business. It is built by those that stand on the shoulders of giants.


Elliptical Curve Cryptography (Koblitz & Miller)


Hashcash, Bitgold (Back, Szabo)


Reusable PoW (Finney)


1st Proof-of-Work Blockchain (Bitcoin)


Ethereum Blockchain w/Native Smart Contracts


Hyperledger Blockchain projects (Linux Foundation, IBM)


Blockchain Explosion

Co-Creative Engagement

Blockchain Services

Project Management

Versed in Agile (Scrum, Kanban) and traditional waterfall approaches to project execution, on scales ranging from small teams to large governmental organizations.


With over 15 years of combined blockchain industry experience, we guide clients towards successful implementations the first time.


Argent can assist in the setup and integration of blockchain-enabled business processes, from designing environments to creating operational and maintenance plans.


Need an experienced architect, ops manager, or software engineer to weigh in on your plans? We can help.

Software Development

Full service application development including UI, UX, mobile, cloud services, API’s and more.


Argent has, and continues to, develop a network of talented and experienced blockchain professionals available for hire.