Our Values

What makes us tick.

Argent Crypto, Inc. aims to promote the mass adoption of blockchain technology. In pursuit of this goal, Argent is committed to, and informed by, a core set of values that are enshrined in our corporate charter. These values provide a framework for how we conduct our business (as well as our personal lives), and you can look forward to experiencing them with us.

01: Humanism

We believe secure digital currency is the platform by which wealth will be democratized, wresting controls away from centralized entities that are currently making decisions about the value you’ve created without your consent or choice.

We are all global citizens. Argent is committed to promoting the new humanist economy where the wealth that you earn is stored for you and your family without fear of erosion, theft, or unjust policy denying you access.

02: Compassion

We believe value can only be created through honest collaboration and creativity that improves the world. We are not salespeople; we are ambassadors and community members of this new technology.

Cryptocurrency and blockchains are technologies that will improve lives by not only preserving value, but also altering the relationship between citizens and governments. They promote transparency and efficiency in systems that have low-value middlemen, allowing value to flow to more creation-based activities.

If what we do doesn’t make lives better, we don’t want to be doing it.

03: Education

Education is the key to overcoming adoption barriers and progressing society. Argent is committed to enabling distributed ledger technology education and relentless learning.

We actively engage in our local community and promote adoption every day, while looking to formalize educational offerings over time.

04: Integrity

Relationships are based on trust. To manifest trust, you must demonstrate honesty and ethics; two principles we apply to every interaction with our clients. Anything we advise, promote, or recommend to a client is something we use, or would use, ourselves. If it benefits you, it benefits us.


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Interested in working with us?


Blockchain Engineer

We’re looking to partner with additional software engineers with a specialization in Blockchain development.  If you have most of the following traits, let’s go for coffee.

  • Solid background in Node.js or Go, and one or more of C#, Java, Rust, Python
  • Experience in blockchain programming with tools/platforms like Solidity (or other EVM framework), Hyperledger, Corda, bitcoind automation, etc.
  • Strong knowledge of data structures
  • Cloud platform experience (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure)
  • Experience with APIs and micro-service development
  • At least a vague suspicion that blockchain really could change the world

Front-end Developer

Are you a front-end developer that’s bored of the usual enterprise web applications? If you have the following background, get in touch.

  • 5 or more years with web front-end development (React.js a must)
  • Experience with data state management frameworks (Redux, Mobx)
  • Strong experience with integrating applications to multiple data sources via API’s (REST, JSON RPC)
  • Knowledge of CDN’s, debugging, packing, minifying and deploying applications
  • Docker
  • Cloud platform experience (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure)