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Argent is here to help you invest in cryptocurrencies. Education and safety are cornerstones of investing in traditional asset classes, and we promote these same goals as we build your plan with you. Our process leaves you in control of your funds at all times – your money and your cryptocurrency is never under our control – and we guide you through the process with answers to all your questions. Our years of experience will lead you around the pitfalls so that your investing experience is positive and safe, and gives you peace of mind.

If you’re ready to invest in the cryptocurrency market but don’t know how, your next chat should be with Argent.

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how to invest in crypto with Argent


Explore your Goals

Call Argent to see if we’re right for you


Build your plan

Leverage our experience and tools to find an optimized investment setup


Invest and Learn

Let Argent guide you through the process until your crypto is safe in your hands

Why choose Argent's services

Personalized Planning

Safe & Secure

We promote best practices and use only the safest channels for exchanging value. We will help you secure your crypto once it is in hand.

Knowledge-based Decisions

We understand the pros and cons of the different players in the Canadian market, and can optimize your plan. We monitor a myriad of parameters on a daily basis.

Personal Service

We’re real people that meet you face to face.

We want to build a relationship.

Save Time & Money

We research crypto day in and day out, so you don’t have to. Our fees are less than many OTC options available, and you’ll learn a lot from us too. Give us a try.


Argent does not record, store, or track your financial information between client sessions in order to secure your safety and privacy.

Partner Network

We’ve partnered with specialized talent in the industry to help connect you to tax, accounting, banking, and further crypto advice should you need it.